The WRAP: Bottom Line

With traditional tactics and tools in a conflict with a combative subject, a fight can last a significant amount of time. Force can escalate, fatigue and emotions can be stressed, prolonged face down restraint can occur and injuries/death can occur. Without the right restraint tool to stop these conflicts quickly and safely, these situations will continue to result in both human and financial loss both in the field and in a facility.


The WRAP is designed to stop these conflicts quickly, achieve fast de-escalation and provide rapid recovery for both staff and the subject.  With this fast control achieved, the subject is now restrained comfortably in an upright and seated position of max respiratory recovery and now can receive medical care fast.  The WRAP has a 20 year history of saving lives, reducing injuries and minimizing risks for all involved.


Fast Application Demo:

Test & Evaluation Units:

We provide test & evaluation units so departments can see first hand the easy, speed, safety and comfortability of The WRAP.  Contact us today for details regarding our t&e program.


Instructor Training:

All our instructor training is provided as a professional courtesy/no charge. Even before you purchase, we provide this training so you can fully vet the product prior to making an adoption decision. Contact us today to hear details on our instructor training program.


Referral and Sample Policy Support:

With the very loyal following amongst our users, referral conversations can be arranged as well as sample polices are available for your reference.


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