Product Overview

The WRAP is a safe restraint system, designed to protect subjects, officers, and staff by reducing the possibility of injury and death.

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The WRAP is a 4-piece restraint system available in 2 models:

  • Standard (also available in Juvenile size)
  • Soft Cuffs (also available in Juvenile size)


Standard and Soft Cuffs are designed to fit all adults. The WRAP with Soft Cuffs is primarily for custodial use and/or medical care. Juvenile size systems are downsized to fit small children and primarily are used in juvenile facilities.

All systems include: Locking shoulder harness, leg restraint, ankle strap, and tactical bag

Safety features

Locking shoulder harness

  • Convenient back storage pocket for equipment such as spit masks and safety gloves.
  • Locking carabiner for securing handcuffs
  • Stainless steel locking buckles
  • Positions person in an upright seated position; recognized as one of the safest positions for oxygen recovery while creating no pressure against the chest.

Leg restraint

  • With stainless steel locking buckles
  • Holds legs in an extended position
  • Eliminates the ability to kick
  • High grade mesh allows body heat to escape
  • 3-inch straps distribute pressure

Ankle Strap

  • With carry handle
  • 3 inches wide
  • Locks the ankles (crossed)
  • Distributes pressure to reduce blood flow restriction

Tactical bag

  • With hands-free shoulder strap
  • Exterior bright yellow marking and interior yellow dividers for ease-of-use in low light.

Additional safety and security features of The WRAP

Carrying Handle Option:

  • Carrying handles on the leg restraint allow for safe and secure carry of the subject by personnel when needed.

Security Ring Options:

  • A security ring in the front of the leg restraint allows for safe, comfortable and secure alternate hand placement when needed.

  • The harness is used not only in the full application of The WRAP but also during routine transport of a hand cuffed subject. If a concern exists that the subject will move their handcuffed hands from behind their body to the front, utilize this additional security ring to eliminate that potential behavior.

Transport Images

  • When the need for range of motion movement of a subject occurs or to move a subject when walking is needed, The WRAP allows personnel to walk the subject in The WRAP. This is a safe, secure, controlled and comfortable movement alternative for all personnel involved.


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